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GateREG ANPR System - Essex, South East & UK


ANPR Benefits | Site Visitor Management | Car Park Management | ANPR Specialists


GateREG ANPR Systems - Essex & UK

You can significantly increase the security of your premises by installing a simple Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system.


Not only does this enhance your security by giving you the ability to control, monitor and log every vehicle entering your premises, it can also reduce the cost of employing parking staff.


Our ANPR systems are designed and installed to meet your exact requirements - whether you’re looking after a small car park or monitoring high traffic areas.


Download our GateREG ANPR brochure here

What are the benefits of ANPR?


  • Increased security by restricting access of non-authorised vehicles.
  • Efficient control and management of your visitors - With detailed vehicle logging
  • High quality images – Giving the ability to identify vehicles and drivers
  • Ability to find specific information on any vehicle which has entered your premises


ClearView's ANPR Solution


ClearView’s award winning GateREG ANPR solution brings a new level of reliability to vehicle monitoring and access control. You can monitor an unlimited number of traffic lanes with each vehicle being logged on the system’s database.



Maximise your security with sophisticated site visitor management

ANPR Site Visitor Management Software

With our GateREG ANPR Visitor Management System, you can access detailed information about each vehicle which has entered your premises, including:


  • Easy visibility of frequent visitors and the length of stay
  • Additional security with security prompts for “black listed” vehicles
  • Instant notification of visitor arrival - freeing up time of front desk staff
  • Increased staff safety with the ability to identify drivers who regularly speed


The registration numbers may be matched with the information stored on to the system. 


Click here to download our white paper: “The 10 commandments of ANPR” 


Automatic entry for your regular visitors
Automatic Entry for Regular Visitors


Automatic entry can be given via a gate or barrier if a recognised “white list” vehicle is identified by the system, whilst any unrecognised vehicle can be denied access to your premises.


Not only does this provide extra security to your site, it also makes visitor management for your security personnel easier to manage. Furthermore, visitors can be sent a message on arrival giving your guests a personalised welcome.


ANPR Cameras


We can offer you a wide range of ANPR cameras which will give you clear images and video footage to ensure optimal plate reading capability and maximum security. These images can be used in legal disputes.


Download our ANPR case study for London Waste


As an accredited and award-winning leader in ANPR, ClearView will be happy to discuss your ANPR requirements. Contact us today by calling 01245 214104 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Clearview Communications Ltd
Robjohns Road
Widford Industrial Estate
Essex CM1 3AG
United Kingdom
Clearview Communications Ltd
Robjohns Road
Widford Industrial Estate
Essex CM1 3AG
United Kingdom