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Fire Alarms & Smoke Detection System Installations - Chelmsford, Essex & UK


Your staff are the most important asset to your organisation. Therefore it is essential that they are protected from fire in the workplace. Fire is one of the most serious dangers that your organisation can face. The installation of reliable fire alarms and smoke detection systems are essential to protect your staff and premises.


At ClearView we can design, install and maintain a fire alarm and smoke detection system, as an "open protocol" solution, to enhance the safety of your staff. We can also carry out a fire risk assessments to identify any potential fire hazards and ensure that the most appropriate measures are in place, to minimise the risk of injury or fatality.


Download our fire alarm system brochure here


Protection for your staff and premises


Fire detection systems are essential to provide the earliest possible response to the potential out-break of a fire. The installation of a fire detection system to BS5839 standards can significantly reduce the risk of injuries, fatalities and financial losses.


The Benefits of using Fire Alarms & Smoke Detection Units:


  • Meets your legal and insurance obligations
  • Prevents damage to your establishment
  • Keeps your staff safe
  • Provides early detection of potential fires
  • Reduced rates on building insurance


Fire Alarm & Detection System Installations from ClearView


ClearView are able to choose the most appropriate fire alarms and smoke detection systems to enable you to comply with the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


Our fire detection systems can be installed into a number of different market sector environments and can comprise any or all of the following:


  • Point heat, optical and smoke detectors
  • Manual call points
  • Flame detectors
  • Beam detectors
  • Air sampling devices for early smoke detection
  • Wire free systems


Voice Annunciators for Fire Detection Systems


An important aspect of your fire detection system is the choice of a voice annunciator PA system which gives a clear message if a fire is detected.


Did you know that while 13% of people react in a timely manner to a bell or tone, 75% of people react quicker to a voice message explaining the nature of the emergency.


Whether it's a stand-alone fire safety system or a fully integrated 'open protocol' system that can protect a number of buildings, ClearView have a fire detection solution that will provide peace of mind for fire wardens and management responsible for ensuring the safety of their fellow workers.

As part of a larger security technology solution, ClearView can design an appropriate fire detection system using a variety of fire alarm technologies. We are able to provide fire protection to any building irrespective of its shape or size.

Contact us today to find out more about our fire alarms and detection systems. Alternatively read more about us, or review our customer testimonials and industry-specific case studies.


Clearview Communications Ltd
Robjohns Road
Widford Industrial Estate
Essex CM1 3AG
United Kingdom
Clearview Communications Ltd
Robjohns Road
Widford Industrial Estate
Essex CM1 3AG
United Kingdom