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Wireless Networks for Security Systems, CCTV & Access Control Essex UK


Integrated WirelessWireless LAN (Wi-Fi) deployment has become widespread in the corporate, government, education and commercial environments, providing flexibility, speedy implementation and easy access to networked services - whilst reducing costs.

Wireless networks do not require expensive ducts or fibre-optic networks which saves time, cost  and disruption. They can be deployed more quickly and negate the need for expensive fibre line rental.

Your wireless infrastructure can offer huge flexibility including re-deployable cameras,  mesh and  self healing networks.

Wireless LAN solutions are often more cost effective to deploy than wired networks, with less disruption to stakeholders.  ClearView’s extensive experience and expertise is provided to clients to ensure the correct security and resilience levels for a variety of wireless communication infrastructures are met for a range of IP and integrated security systems transmission.


Wireless Network Options


Point to Point Wireless Network

Point to Point solutions are cost-effective wireless Ethernet bridges that range from 100 Mbps to 1.4Gbps throughput.  Our range of products includes throughput-specific and distance-specific plus licenced and unlicenced, covering a variety of wireless frequency bands.

Integrated WirelessWhether licenced or unlicenced, Point to Point solutions generally require Line of Sight between the transmitter and receiver although advances in wireless transmission protocols have enabled limited Non-Line of Sight performance. Particularly in 5GHz, reflection from nearby buildings can be strong enough to offer a radio connection where data can be passed reliably.

Our systems are robust and deal with low or high temperatures, salt and high winds for extended time periods.

Point to Multi-Point Wireless Network

ClearView have delivered Point to Multi-Point networks to municipal authorities, connecting education to local authority corporate networks, or connecting roadside infrastructure such as CCTV and ANPR

Mesh Wireless Network

Wireless mesh solutions are useful as the last mile on a Point to Multi-Point network. They are cost-effective and offer high bandwidth throughput.

Licenced Microwave

Licenced microwave solutions guarantee levels of throughput. Radio pairs which operate in licenced frequency bands are useful for links that require consistently high throughput (over several kilometres) or are in heavy-interference environments.

Licence Free Wireless

Advances in wireless products have expanded the unlicenced / “light-licenced” 5GHz into 24GHz, 60GHz and 80GHz. With narrow beam widths these higher-frequency solutions are extremely focussed and result in negligible interference.

Wireless CCTV Networks

CCTV IP Surveillance is a common use of wireless networking, due to the dispersed nature of CCTV networks, the cameras at the remote end of the network need to transmit images continuously.

Wireless transmission can lower capital and ongoing costs as well as giving you more flexibility and control over your network. It is ideal for re-deployable cameras for events or hotspot areas. ClearView can advise on the best and most cost-effective solutions on the market for IP cameras, network switching, video storage and video management software.

With text or email alerts, cameras can be streamed to smart phones or tablet PCs over a Wi-Fi network onsite. They can also be viewed and controlled remotely over the Internet.


Integrated Wireless Design

Our Wireless IP design services include:

  • Network design and architecture
  • Wi-Fi product design and testing
  • Wireless Surveying
  • Wi-Fi equipment configuration
  • Penetration testing / “Ethical hacking”
  • Systems Integration services
  • Planning Application management
  • Network Installation


Many methods exist for wirelessly transmitting video, audio and data signals.  Previously, only analogue methods were available. These were prone to signal loss in rain or fog. Now, with the development of systems using mobile phone and IT technology – more reliable digital methods are available. 

We can now provide systems which offer what IT professionals call “five nines” reliability—meaning that the wireless connection is 99.999% reliable (i.e. available 99.999% of the time).

Wireless Network Design

ClearView's accredited and fully-qualified technical staff will recommend the wireless systems best suited to fulfilling your requirements. Solution designs will be provided, with consideration of the following: 


  • Transmission distance
  • Line of Sight availability
  • Requirement to travel through buildings
  • Need for transmission of video/audio/data
  • Bandwidth requirement (e.g. data sent per second)
  • Number of signals transmitted within area (congestion)
  • Requirement for encryption

Find out more about how wireless networks can enhance your security infrastructure by contacting us today. Alternatively, find out more about us, read our latest news or review our customer testimonials and client case studies.

Clearview Communications Ltd
Robjohns Road
Widford Industrial Estate
Essex CM1 3AG
United Kingdom
Clearview Communications Ltd
Robjohns Road
Widford Industrial Estate
Essex CM1 3AG
United Kingdom