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Stand-alone Video & Audio Interview Recording Equipment - Essex & UK



Stand-alone Interview RecordingClearView Video Interview Recorders have been used by police, government agencies, defence, social services and law enforcement agencies since 1996.

The PaceNet video interview recorders comply with the latest Criminal Justice, PACE and Home Office guidelines (including “Achieving Best Evidence—March 2011”) in a format that is easy to use, secure and reliable.

PaceNet is designed to record from multiple CCTV Camera sources onto DVDs and local / network hard drive. The recording system is easy to use yet flexible, so that all elements of the recording process can be set to meet your requirements whatever the video recording format, media type or video/audio input configuration.

Touch Screen Control

PaceNet offers users maximum flexibility of set-up and operation through its unique touch screen control system.  In addition to Start and Stop controls, the touch screen display allows user to easily select the mode of operation required, whether it be recording format (MPEG2, MP3, WAV,MPEG4 etc.) or whether recordings should be automatically copied to DVD.  Masking, network settings, DVD/USB download and replay are all controlled from the touch screen.

PaceNet control is pass worded using several security tiers e.g. User, Manager, Administrator, engineer etc. So access to controls is only provided when authorised.  All activity on PaceNet is recorded onto its audit log.

  • Compact and lightweight unit controlled via touch screen.
  • Configurations available for suspect, child and witness interview recording
  • Simple user interface.
  • Flexible recording system of either: Video & Audio or audio only.
  • Choice of recording formats.
  • Record to recordable DVD or local / network hard disk.
  • Additional separate audio track recording (e.g. WAV, MP3 etc.) for transcription.
  • View live recordings over secure TCP/IP or via analogue video/audio output.
  • Video overlay displays: Date, time, custom text, elapsed recording time and frame counter.
  • Time synchronisation to NPT server or GPS.
  • Video privacy masking feature.
  • Multiple user levels so access to specific functions can be controlled.
  • Users can be split into two user level tiers so access to specific functions can be controlled.
  • Tagging interview metadata.
  • Bookmarking key recording events so they can easily be recalled and viewed later.
  • All actions logged in a secure audit file.

Stand-alone Interview Recording EquipmentTechnical Specification:

  • Recording Resolution: 720x576 (PAL/Secam), 720x480 (NTSC), (HD and megapixel options available)
  • Recording FPS: 25 / 30 fps
  • Recording Duration onto DVD: Selectable up to 6 hours real-time (Format dependent)
  • Display: 7” touch screen display
  • PIP Supported
  • GPS Time & Date Sync
  • Recording Video Formats: MPEG2 (DVD Video Format) or MPEG-4 Part 14 (.MP4)
  • Recording Audio Formats: WAV, MP3, FLAC, AAC-LC, OGG at 48,000 Hz
  • Supported Recordable Media: DVD+R, DVD-R (4.7 GB)
  • Output: One to five recordable DVDs at once or to local / network hard disk
  • Microphone: Up to two microphones supported (Mono or stereo configuration)
  • Camera: Up to three cameras supported (Via PIP)
  • Remote Viewing: Securely over TCP/IP or via analogue video/audio output

Download PaceNet Video Interview Recorder Product Brochure
PaceNet standalone video interview recorders are manufactured and maintained by ClearView's award-winning and industry-accredited technical and engineering teams.

To find out how Clearview’s PaceNet standalone interview recorders can meet and exceed your needs, contact us today. Alternatively, find out more about us, read our latest news or review our customer testimonials and industry-specific case studies.

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Clearview Communications Ltd
Robjohns Road
Widford Industrial Estate
Essex CM1 3AG
United Kingdom