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Transport & Logistics Security Systems, CCTV & Access Control - Essex & UK


With threats ranging from terrorism to vandalism, the security of air and sea ports, our roads and rail transport network is of critical importance.

ClearView has a long track record of designing, installing and servicing transportation, logistics and warehouse security systems, CCTV and access control solutions that enhance passenger safety, decrease theft across your supply chain, reduce liability and comply with government regulations.  

We have the technical security expertise to integrate existing infrastructure and equipment with the most advanced technology, including CCTV, access controlintruder detection and gates & barriers.

Our experience extends from security systems for single haulage/logistics sites to major international transport terminals – road, rail, seaport and air – passenger and freight.

logisticsLogistics Security Systems, CCTV & Access Control

Logistics and road haulage companies have a transient population of staff, drivers and contractors, with vehicles requiring easy but secure access to the premises.  Ensuring access is restricted solely to authorised personnel is pivotal to secure against threats from theft and vandalism to tampering with products or terrorism.
ClearView have experience in deploying security, risk management and process monitoring solutions to ensure business continuity and mitigate security risks.  We understand how the transport and logistics sector operates and the need to comply with the strict operating requirements and controlled environment you demand.

Our security systems keep intruders out and property safe, whilst providing solutions for internal management to protect staff, improve load movements and comply with customer standards.

Typical benefits include cutting theft and internal losses, managing traffic flow on and off site, cut guarding costs and streamlining management information.

Port and Transport Terminal Security Systems, CCTV & Access Control

ClearView have provided large scale security systems to some of Europe’s largest transportation terminals, including:

Eurotunnel (UK and France Terminals) Security Systems, CCTV & Access Control

eurotunnelEuroTunnel manages the Channel Tunnel link which is a large, demanding and diverse environment for surveillance and security. A complex site that required a significant level of security including CCTV, video analytics, perimeter control and high resolution image capture, storage and retrieval.  ClearView integrated these systems together to provide a cohesive and secure security solution working in complete synergy.

The system included:

  • IP CCTV - Over 300 CCTV cameras, many with “alarm” activation triggered from sensors on security fencing working in conjunction with intelligent video analytics.
  • Video Analytics technology automatically identifies and tracks intruders, threats, and incidents whilst maintaining a dramatically low false alarm rate.
  • Security Fencing
  • Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) transmit electric pulses along a sensor line attached to the fence. When an intrusion attempt is detected it creates an alarm that can alert the main control room and automatically zooms a camera to the point of detection.
  • Control rooms – designed and installed by ClearView at several locations around the terminals

Sylvain Pamart, Chief Project Manager at EuroTunnel has stated:
ClearView has provided a system with a user interface which is very intuitive. This has meant the operators quickly and easily adopted the new system. The Control Centre software enabled us to meet many of the new regulations and a networked system allows additional cameras to be added at any point on the network.

Associated British Ports (Southampton Docks) Security Systems, CCTV & Access Control

Southampton is one of the country's busiest and most successful  deep-water ports with a unique double tide that allows access for the world's largest vessels. It has long been the UK's principal cruise port, and handles in excess of 230 cruise calls and 700,000  passengers every year.

ClearView were appointed as security consultants and systems integrators to Associated British Ports in an innovative installation at Southampton Docks.

The networked installation covers the three main passenger terminals at the docks including the berthing area used by the QE II.  The project was unusual in that in order to install cameras to provide coverage of all the areas required, it was necessary to use a variety of techniques to transmit the CCTV pictures across the network including wired and wireless IP. 

High speed colour / mono domes are used to provide colour images during the day. But at night, when lighting levels are low, they switch to black and white to provide the highest quality images which can be viewed by operators in ABP's control room.

To discuss your transport, logistics or warehouse security requirements, please contact us today. Alternatively, find out more about us, read our latest news or review our customer testimonials and client case studies.

Clearview Communications Ltd
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Essex CM1 3AG
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Clearview Communications Ltd
Robjohns Road
Widford Industrial Estate
Essex CM1 3AG
United Kingdom